Supplying Events Worldwide Since 1988


We accept digital artwork, in most formats, at 250-300 dpi, 100% printing size:

We prefer;

Adobe Photoshop® or Adobe Illustrator® native file formats.

Other acceptable formats are:

  • Tiff
  • Eps
  • Pdf
  • Jpeg…Not ideal as compression usually leads to loss of quality and detail.

Where possible the file should be at least 300dpi and at 100% print size.

Formats not immediately usable are:

  • GIF
  • PageMaker®
  • Quark®,
  • Microsoft Word® or Power Point®.

*These files are office applications not graphic applications and are not graphics compatible, there would need to be considerable reworking of the artwork to get it into a usable state.

Colour Specification;

Pantone Matching System (PMS) colours are best when communicating colour choices. Visit our Pantone Guide by clicking here.

Illustrator® based artwork:

Please turn all fonts to Outline or paths.

In Photoshop® or pixel based artwork:

  • Leave the artwork in Photoshop format where possible.
  • If possible keep layers (do not merge). This allows refining difficult colour transitions for a better end product.
  • 300 dpi files are the maximum necessary though we can work with higher resolutions, remember larger files will take longer to transmit via email.